Cornerstones of Maine

Cornerstones of Maine is a clinically driven young adult transition program for men, women, and gender nonconforming individuals ages 18-28. Cornerstones brings a strong therapeutic foundation to the young adult transition model. Our program is comprised of two residences in the southern Maine area that provide therapeutic living environments with a strong emphasis on interpersonal development, independent living skills, and academic and professional development.


Confluence Behavioral Health

Confluence is a licensed residential and outdoor behavioral health treatment program helping young adults overcome mental health challenges to more successfully navigate the path to adulthood. The program helps participants confront psychological, emotional and relational hurdles in the way of them leading rich and fulfilling lives. Combining intensive clinical care, transformative experiences and family support, Confluence addresses the challenges young adults face as they launch towards independence. 

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Mansfield Hall

Mansfield Hall provides residential academic, social, and independent living skills support for students who are going to college.  Students live with Mansfield Hall, attend any one of our local colleges, and receive targeted coaching and support as they learn how to successfully navigate the transition to college and greater independence.


Mountain Valley Treatment Center

Mountain Valley Treatment Center is a private, not-for-profit treatment center, located in Plainfield, NH, providing specialized, evidence-based treatment for debilitating anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive, and related disorders to 13-20-year-olds of all genders within a supportive, short-term residential setting. The program consists of individual, family and group-based therapy with a strong emphasis on intensive, daily CBT-based and ACT informed Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP).

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Onward Transitions

Onward Transitions in Portland, ME is a small, therapeutic, owner-operated program for bright, motivated, emerging adults in the final stages of learning to live on their own. Participants challenges include anxiety, depression and/or executive functioning. Gender inclusive members ages 18-30 live in their own apartments throughout the city. OT provides weekly individual and group therapy, and family work by our full-time, on-site master’s level therapists. The typical length of stay is 12 months.


Path at Stone Summit

The Program for Adult Transition to Health (PATH) is designed to provide a bridge to health after either an intensive residential treatment or outpatient process. It is designed for young adults who have tried to move forward into adulthood and found the process too challenging. Our unique approach is intended to build upon the skills that the individual already possesses and to provide ongoing stability and a supportive framework in which our residents can create the life they want for themselves.


ShortRidge Academy

Shortridge Academy is a private co-ed Therapeutic Boarding School, founded in 2002, emphasizing challenging yet supportive college prep academics within a therapeutic community. Located in New Hampshire with proximity to both the coast and mountains, Shortridge’s setting and Positive Youth Development model provide students with an ideal environment to develop a sense of self and strengthen relationships in an intellectually stimulating learning environment.


Spruce Mountain Inn

Since 1982 Spruce Mountain Inn has provided comprehensive residential treatment for young adults aged 17-28 who struggle with mental health issues that impact mood and daily functioning. We provide residents with intensive support to gain skills needed for successful independence. Treatment includes weekly treatment team meetings, goal-setting services, assistance with activities of daily living, psychiatric treatment, and on-site residential support.

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Summit Achievement

Summit Achievement is a licensed residential treatment center in the State of Maine operating since 1996.  Our unique model combines the impactful adventure activities found in wilderness therapy programs with a strong academic program and therapeutic milieu so that participants can address challenging issues in their lives. As a small, owner-operated program, we serve all genders, ages 13-20, experiencing difficulties with their family, school and/or personal lives.