The Consortium is a group of schools and programs committed to the advancement of its members through collaborative efforts supporting the delivery of evidence based-practices, program management, leadership development and outreach.


Program Excellence

The Consortium seeks to support members’ focus on and dedication to providing evidence-based, innovative treatment, educational services and programming.


The Consortium is dedicated to bringing educational and professional development resources to members in support of the advancement of clinical services, program management, and sound leadership.


Individual representatives within the Consortium are those who perform key roles onsite or within the milieu at their respective programs as owners and directors. The Consortium is intentionally limited in size to create a close and trusted collaboration.  


The Consortium values in-person, face-to-face interactions and regular program visits between members to share experiences, knowledge and best practices to support each other’s development.


Members are dedicated to working together and with referring professionals to educate and drive understanding of program strengths, therapeutic milieus and services offered in a manner consistent with professional ethics.