our roots

In the fall of 2018 leaders from therapeutic and educational programs gathered to discuss how each of these programs could support each other in their own development and continued excellence while creating a collective voice for their organizations.

Solidifying in the Spring of 2019, nine founding members of the Northern New England Consortium sought to create a unique and mutually beneficial collaboration. The owners and directors of the member organizations thought beyond a simple association of programs, but to how they could engage each member to effectively support one another in their respective missions.

To form a more innovative, productive and advantageous partnership, the Consortium is designed to support each member program’s development, advancement and improvement of its services. The Consortium does so through resource sharing and collective efforts to better deliver effective evidence-based practices, train and develop staff, improve leadership and management and by creating a collective voice for the organization.

Supplanting potential competition with supportive collaboration and professional teamwork, members recognize each program can learn, improve and better its services through its involvement with the Consortium’s efforts. At the core of the Consortium’s creation is the knowledge that each member program is guided by professional ethics and the common value to provide the highest quality care, education and support to individuals and families.